Shoeshine boy awaiting operation
  • | | February 01, 2010 08:08 AM

Nguyen Van Sao, also known as the shoeshine boy, recently took a trip to visit his grandmother.

DTiNews/Dan Tri reported on his story back in December. Sine then, he said he has been living life thanks to the love and care of many people.

The shoeshine boy was facing death on the street due to serious heart disease. After his circumstances were reported, he has received an abundance of support from compassionate readers.

Sao said he is now preparing for the most significant Tet of his life.

His smile has returned

He still looks slim but is much taller than when we last met him. His lips remain tinted blue due to his heart disease.

“I just visited my grand mother. She was very happy when she came to know that thanks to kindhearted people, I was able to undergo a heart operation."

His parents’ quarrels never fade away from his mind

“I do not have a home to go to. My parents are divorced. They sold everything. Nobody knows where they are now. I was staying with my grandmother. My brother moved to Hanoi and polished shoes on streets for living,” said Sao through tears, “My grand mother told me that I should find my brother, try to save money in case of illness and that she wanted to see him for Tet.”

Nguyen Van Sao, 3 months ago

Sao said that after he was treated at the Heart Disease Hospital of Hanoi, his health greatly improved. Currently, he is still staying with Ngo Thi Bich Loc, a public vehicle keeper.

According to Loc, many donors had come to see him and encourage him. Some gave him money and some gave him milk or books. He’s living thanks to the love and care of many people. Lao Cai Department of Labour, Invalid and Social Affairs (Sao was born in Lao Cai province) requested that Loc submit an allowance application on behalf of Sao.

As planned, he will go undergo an operation but it has been delayed because foreign experts need to fit their schedules to come to Vietnam.

Nguyen Van Sao has become a young man

Nguyen Van Mao, Director of the Heart Disease Hospital of Hanoi, told Dan Tri/DTiNews, “His operation will be delayed until after Tet. But if foreign experts still cannot manage the time to come here to help us, we will carry out the operation as planned.”

Sao said that his health was now very good and that he is ready for the coming operation.