Con man dupes disadvantaged woman
  • By Nguyen Phe | | April 14, 2014 09:40 PM

Police in Vinh City have arrested a man for swindling from a woman whose unfortunate situation was introduced in DanTri's (DTiNews) Charity column.

The Police Department for the Investigation of Social Order-Related Crimes arrested Hoang Nhat Tuan on April 12. He was born in 1992 and is temporarily living in Vinh.


 Hoang Nhat Tuan

On April 8, Hoang Nhat Tuan was surfing online shopping websites and ordered a VND4.3 million (USD204) mobile phone for his non-existent "brother". Tuan wrote down the phone number, address and bank account of the seller, Ha Xuan Hai.

Two days later, Tuan read a charity article about Nguyen Thi Vinh who was in need of the communities help. Tuan used Hai's information for his scam.

Tuan said he was from Red Cross in Hanoi and a VND85 million donation was supposed to be sent to a person in Nghe An to cover the hospital fee. However, he claimed that this person had just passed away so the money was to be transferred to Vinh.

He asked Vinh to prepare administrative documents and send VND10 million to him as a fee. After that, he gave Hai's account number.


 VND10 million, mobile phone and other evidence

Because Vinh was in hospital, her nephew went to the bank to send VND10 million to Tuan. However Vinh's nephew called the police and Dantri reporters.

Major Nguyen Dinh Dung said, "Tuan used a sophisticated method to trick Vinh with Hai's account and a fabricated brother." Tuan has admitted his crime to the police.

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