An ill family's call for help
  • By Nguyen Duy | | May 20, 2014 09:10 AM

A poor family with four ailing members in a mountainous district in Nghe An Province are in desperate need of financial support.

The five-member family of Tran Thi Huong and Vi Van Bien live in Vung Bop Area in Cao Veu 4 Village. Vung Bop Area only has 14 families and is located deep in the forest and is separate from other residential areas. Not only is the terrain difficult to travel, it also has little land suitable for agriculture. All 14 families in this area are poor but the situation of Huong and Bien is unique.


 The house of four-member family

Their bamboo house does not adequately protect them from the elements. According to Huong, she was born to a poor family in Thanh Chuong District and has never gone to school. She met Bien and decided to start a family with him in Bien's hometown. Bien goes to the forest salvage while Huong goes fishing on Giang River. Currently, they have three children.


 They all sleep in one bed

12-year-old Vi Van Mach is their eldest son, however, he is constantly ill, so his grandparents care for him. Their second child, Vi Thi Hieu, is thin and pale and her urine is the colour of blood. Meanwhile, the youngest child, Vi Van Ri, is only five years old but often coughs up blood. Hieu and Ri have never gone to school. "We don't know how we can find treatment for Hieu and Ri. I have nothing to sell that's worth more than VND5,000. We can only pray." said Huong.


 Hieu seeks for woods in the forest

Ha Van Nep, head of Cao Veu 4 Village said, "Last year, villagers donated a small sum of money for Hieu to go to the hospital. The doctor said he had four or five serious illnesses and it would cost a lot of money. Everyone sympathised with him but they are also a poor community."

He went on to say that the Women Union of Anh Son District visited Huong and Bien's home and donated some funds to help them build a new house.

A neighbour of Huong's said, "Even the health of Huong and Bien is not good. Bien has been deaf for a long time and Huong is starting to show signs of mental illness. Sometimes, when the weather is not so good, she holds her head and runs around, as if she can't control herself."

Nguyen Thi Truc, head of the Women Union in the village said, "We can't do anything else for them. We hope other kind people will help this family build a new house and treat the children's illnesses."

If you can help them, please make donation through:

1. Code 1420: Tran Thi Huong in Cao Veo 4 Village, Phuc Son Commune, Anh Son District, Nghe An Province.
Mobile number of Cao Van Nep, head of Cao Veu 4 Village: 01669. 562.809

2. Compassionate Hearts Charity Fund – Dan tri Newspaper (Hanoi)
No. 2/48 Giang Vo Str., Dong Da Dist., HanoiTel: 04. 3. 7366.491/ Fax: 04. 3. 7366.490
* Vietnam Dong Account information at Vietcombank:
Account holder: Bao Khuyen hoc & Dan tri
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* Vietnam Dong Account information at Vietinbank:
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With Bank: Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade – Hoan Kiem Branch
* US Dollar Account information at MB Bank:
Account holder: Bao Khuyen hoc & Dan tri
Account number: 0721100357002
With Bank: MILITARY COMMERCIAL JOINT STOCK BANK - MCSB ( No.3, Lieu Giai str., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam)

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