Kind readers help little girl recover from traffic accident
  • By The Nam | | August 20, 2014 07:23 PM

DTiNews has transferred VND175 million (USD8,300) donated by readers to support a two-year-old girl who was in critical condition after a traffic accident.


Thuy receives donation

Vang Minh Chau is being treated at the children ward of Viet-Duc Hospital. Be Thu Thuy, Chau's mother said, "Many kind people have come to visit and help us. We're happy and grateful for all the kindness. Hopefully my daughter will recover quickly."

Thuy received over VND75 million from visitors. On August 19, DTiNews granted the VND175,900,000 donation from the readers. Thuy expressed her gratitude to all the donors who have helped the recovery. 

The accident occurred when Thuy was taking Chau to daycare by motorbike on June 18. Thuy was startled by a truck honking beside her and fell. The truck ran over the lower half of Chau's body. "Chau was unconscious, and I almost fainted because I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. I thought I might lose her," Thuy said. 


Vang Minh Chau at hospital

Chau's legs were broken, the muscles on her back were detached and her perineum was crushed. Any movement remains difficult for her. 

Even though they have health insurance, other expenses still worry Thuy, who had been unemployed for six years before she found a job at a social protection centre in Cao Bang Province. They are unable to afford the cost of treatment. Thuy said, "We borrowed VND70 million for the initial treatment, but the doctors said Chau was still in critical condition."

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