Work starts on 13th Dantri/DTiNews bridge
  • By Nguyen Duy | | June 05, 2017 10:48 PM
Construction on a bridge sponsored by Dantri/DTiNews started in the central province of Nghe An Province’s Tuong Duong District on June 2.

This is the first Dantri/DTiNews bridge in Nghe An Province and the 13th bridge built by the newspaper to date. 


Construction of the bridge in Huu Khuong Commune was started on June 2

The USD30,454 bridge is located in Con Phen Village in Huu Khuong Commune.

VND500 million is donated by Dantri/DTiNews’ Compassionate Hearts Charity Fund, the Vietnam Study Promotion Association and Garment 10 Corporation, with the remainder from the locality.

Huu Khuong Commune is among the most disadvantaged areas in Nghe An Province with the majority of locals being ethnic minority people. The commune is often isolated by flooding during the rainy season. Every day, local people have to cross Cha Lat Stream to travel to the centre of the commune.

However, when it has heavy rains, no one dare to go through the river due to dangers, so local children can’t go to school.


Every day, people in Huu Khuong Commune have to cross Cha Lat Stream to travel to the centre of the commune.

The bridge expected to come into operation at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.

Lo Van Chien, Chairman of Huu Khuong Commune expressed his great thanks to Dantri/DTiNews and donors to help build the bridge which is the locality’s dream.

Deputy editor-in-chief of Dantri/DTiNews Pham Tuan Anh said that this was the first time he had visited the commune but he could clearly recognise the difficulties local people have to experience.

Vi Tan Hoi, vice chairman of Tuong Duong District People’s Council said that it was not easy at all to transport construction materials to the construction site, but local authorities had created the most favourable conditions for contractors to ensure the bridge was rapidly constructed.

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