DTiNews readers support ailing children
  • | | November 23, 2018 06:46 AM
Readers of Dantri/DTiNews have provided VND150.64 million (USD6,818) to a poor family in the northern province of Nam Dinh which has ailing children.

Le Thi Thom’s family is known as among the poorest household in Hai Anh Commune, Hai Hau District. She has three sons aged nine, six and one. Among those, the eldest and youngest Bui Huy Long, nine, and Bui Long Nhat, one, suffer from cerebral palsy, while the second Bui Nhat Tien, six, had a leg broken in a traffic accident. 


Thom receives the money donated by Dantri/DTiNews readers

Long has been struggling with cerebral palsy since when he was just some months old. However, due to the family’s financial difficulties, the boy has mostly stayed at home for self-treatment, so, his condition has worsened.

The youngest son Nhat has been living with cerebral palsy since when he was just one year old. Long and Nhat have been bed-ridden as their limbs are all curled up.

After the article was published on Dantri/DTiNews, many readers made donations.

Money was handed over by a Dantri/DTiNews reporter to Thom who was able to take Nhat to a hospital in Hanoi for intensive treatment. She said, “This is the biggest amount of money amount I’ve ever seen. I offer my deep thanks to Dantri/DTiNews readers.”

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