New Dantri bridge to be built in Nghe An
  • | | October 09, 2019 02:07 PM
Dantri Newspaper has started construction of a new bridge in a mountainous district of Nghe An Province.


Na Kho Village

Na Kho is one of the poorest border villages in Ky Son District. There are 60 households with 320 people in Na Kho, most of them are from Kho Mu, Thai and H'Mong ethnic minority groups. The villagers use a small wooden bridge to travel to the outside world.

During the rainy season, the residents are threatened by floods. The bridge was often submerged underwater or swept away so the pupils couldn't go to school.

"The pupils had to stay home for a whole week. We also couldn't go anywhere else and had to wait until the water receded," said Moong Pho Vuong, party secretary of Na Kho.


The groundbreaking ceremony

Nguyen Kim Thao, a teacher at Bac Ly 1 Primary School, said he was very happy upon hearing that Dantri Newspaper and Garment 10 JSC would build a bridge for Na Kho.

"The children there have very difficult backgrounds. Some live with grandparents after their parents divorced. Others' fathers died or they were abandoned by their mothers. Their meals only have rice with chilli sauce and sometimes there are bamboo shoots. But they are good children," he said.

The representatives of Dantri, Garment 10 JSC and Ky Son District People's Committee attended the groundbreaking ceremony on October 8.

Vi Thi Quyen, vice chairwoman of Ky Son District People's Committee, said, "We are really grateful to Dantri Newspaper and Garment 10 Company. The new bridge will help boost the local economy and ensure children's safety."

"The bridge is our dream comes true. We will not be isolated anymore in the next rainy season and the children can still go to school. I just want to say thank you," said Moong Van Xieng, head of Na Kho Village.

The new bridge will be 15 metres long, 1.5 metres wide and would cost over VND400m (USD17,200). This is the 17th Dantri bridge in Vietnam.

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