Readers help little girl overcome cerebral palsy
  • | | November 30, 2019 07:55 PM
A two-year-old baby girl has received lots of support and donations from the public and hospital to treat cerebral palsy.

On November 26, Nguyen Doan Gia Han, the child of Nguyen Huu Thang and Doan Thi Thu, has just been given stem cell transplant treatment. After their story was published, Vinmec Hospital supported the family by halving the treatment costs, with the remainder paid by donations from Dantri readers.


Nguyen Huu Thang and his daughter Nguyen Doan Gia Han

"I think she has got better. She doesn't cry as much as before. I just don't know what to say to express my gratitude to everyone that helped us," Thang said.

Dr Nguyen Thi Phuong Anh said Han had shown positive signs. She will be given a health check after three months and the second transplant will be carried out six months later. Han will be given two to four transplants.

Nguyen Huu Thang's family live at a small rented house in Thinh Quang Alleyway, Hanoi, for nearly two years. Sometimes, they don't even have enough money to buy milk for their child.

"We can no longer afford to buy milk for Han. She only drinks breast milk now. Today my wife works late and the weather is changing so she cries so much," Thang said while trying to calm the girl down.

Han suffers from cerebral palsy and has weak health. Han was born after 34 weeks and didn't know how to lie on her belly after four months. Thang said they thought their only chance to save Han was by going to Hanoi. They borrowed VND15m from everywhere but the money ran out after a few days.

"We thought of taking our child back to our hometown but we changed our minds and were determined to treat her. I do anything I can to earn money. My wife can only help a little," Thang said.

Thang said they had starved and had to sleep in the hallway of the hospital at the most difficult times. But they will overcome everything to try to save their daughter. Thang and his wife brought her to various hospitals, from Bach Mai and to Vinmec to understand more about stem cell transplant.

"I can exchange anything in order to see her walk and call us mum and dad," he said.

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