French NGO provides study assistance to underprivileged children in Hanoi
  • | VOV | January 03, 2020 10:42 AM
School on the Boat, a French non-governmental organisation (NGO), is helping disadvantaged children living close to the Red river in Hanoi’s Long Bien district attend school.

Photo: Vietnamnet

Originally founded in 2011, the French NGO started in Nghia Dung, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi before developing a system aimed at funding tuition for children living in the capital city's Long Bien adjoining areas.

Volunteers who work at School on the Boat are mainly French, who are eager to strengthen cross-cultural exchange between France and Vietnam.

Since starting out, the NGO has successfully launched a number of activities with the goal of helping children enjoy comprehensive development by introducing them to local traditions and cultures, whilst also organising festivals and tours suitable for young learners.

Photo: School on the Boat

After several months of contacting the families of disadvantaged children around Hanoi, volunteers have helped many disadvantaged children attend public schools.

At present, School on the Boat supports over 70 underprivileged children attend school, in addition to helping them grow through extra-curricular activities.

Following the success that School on the Boat has enjoyed, it is anticipated that the model will be replicated in the future in the hope of helping more disadvantaged children nationwide.

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