HCM City businessman invents rice distribution machine for poor people
  • |, VietnamNet | April 08, 2020 09:41 AM
A businessman in HCM City has invented a machine which can distribute rice automatically for poor people.

The machine invented by Hoang Tuan Anh, owner of a local company, is placed at 204B on Vuong Lai Street, Tan Phu District.

“Many charity activities have been carried out in HCM City to help low-income people during the Covid-19 epidemic. However, people often gather to receive donations, posing a high risk of infection. So I used machinery equipment of our company to produce an automated rice distribution machine,” he added. 

The machine includes a button connected to an automatic valve and a box to contain rice. It is operated by software. This helps to restrict gatherings. 

Each person is permitted to get 1.5 kilo of rice each time. Initially, Anh planned to distribute around 300 kilos of rice per day, but it shortly ran out of due to the higher demand than expected. 

“We’ve provided nearly two tones of rice for hundreds of people for over a day. We intend to raise the rice amount to 3-5 tonnes per day in the coming days,” Anh noted. 

He plans to set up around 100 such rice distribution stations across the city. 

He hopes that many donors can join hands to assist the low-income.

People have to ensure the distance of two metres when queuing for the rice

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