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Vietnamese actors to help develop young talents
  • | | May 27, 2010 01:38 PM

Ngo Thanh Van, Johnny Tri Nguyen, Kathy Uyen and Dustin Nguyen are jointly organising a training programme to develop young talents into versatile artists for the Vietnamese artistic world.

The programme includes basic and advanced courses in the fields of cinema, music and fashion.

Ngo Thanh Van shared their purposes, “I have accumulated experience after working for a long time in the artistic field. My close friends and I want to share our experiences and coach talented young people and we also hope to train more talents for the artistic world.”

“Many students may think attending my class meaning they became a singer, an actor or actress, a model. But it’s wrong. I do not want my students to think like this. I want my students to learn precious knowledge for their career. I want them to be aware that it’s necessary to have not only passion but also continuous efforts for being successful in artistic field,” added Van.

Van said that through the programme, she can discover and train talented artists as well as discover potential actors and actresses for her coming movies. Her biggest ambition is to improve the professional abilities of young actors and actresses by inviting experts from Hollywood to speak to them.

“I found out that current young actors often follow their instincts to act because they are not properly trained. I want to invite Dustin Nguyen’s teacher (from the US) and in the future I want to invite Hollywood stars to come here to talk to my students so they can have the chance to acquire useful knowledge.”

Van started accepting students aged 14 to 25 years old to her class. However, students need to go through a very strict casting process before attending the class for ensuring the quality of her training.



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