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VFF says it doesn't waste the State Budget
  • By Kim Anh-Le Cuong | | October 23, 2013 08:33 AM
 >>  VFF accused of wasting state budget

After being accused of wasting the State Budget, Vietnam Football Federation's chairman, Nguyen Trong Hy, has denied this charge and said they always follow correct procedures.

 VFF chairman Nguyen Trong Hy

Previously, the  VFF was blamed for ineffective management for using VND140 billion, of which USD400,000 is paid by FIFA, to build an estimated VND60 billion (USD2.8 million), youth training centre. In addition, they haven't produced any promising players yet still asked for an additional VND8 billion a year to train male players for an U16 national team and female players for a U19 national team, both for the Asian Games 2019.

In response, Hy said the money they received has always been controlled by the General Department of Sports and Physical Training and FIFA. "The money which we received in 2007 has been spent on ground clearance and construction. Actually, the centre isn't yet completed so we can't use it for training, but we're still following the procedures and the plans." he said.

Hy went on to say that they are not in charge of the fund and FIFA checks on the project every year so if  VFF commits any violations, FIFA will cancel its support immediately.

Hy also said the VND8 billion will all be used to upgrade equipment and pay staff wages; there'll be nothing left over.  Furthermore, they also need the fund to invite foreign coaches and teachers to teach the players.

" The female team is our top priority. We can only recruit younger students after the U16 male team and U19 female team graduate." Hy said. "Our plan to recruit trainees for the Asian Games will help children from disadvantaged areas. After their training is completed, we'll send them back to their clubs. I know there are some very cautious clubs that don't want to send their players to us, but the fact is the trainees will have their accommodations paid for and they can still go to classes."

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