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Traditional Tet rituals re-enacted at Thang Long imperial citadel
  • | vov | January 18, 2020 03:26 PM
Traditional rituals for the Lunar New Year (Tet) were re-enacted at the Thang Long royal citadel relic site in Hanoi on Friday, giving participants a glimpse into the Tet celebrations of the royals in the past.


A Neu pole is erected in the Doan Mon yard.
(Photo: VNA)

The rituals started with the farewell ceremony for Ong Cong – Ong Tao (the Land Genie and the Kitchen Gods), who were said to go to Heaven to deliver an annual report on the household’s activities to the God of Heaven, along with the release of carp for the genies to ride on their trip.

Other activities to introduce Vietnam’s beautiful age-old traditions include booths featuring a scholars’ space with poonah paper, pen, ink slab, many parallel sentences, calligraphic activities, rural market sessions, and folk games. Water puppetry performances were also featured at the citadel.

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