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Movies releases postponed due to on-going Covid-19 outbreak
  • | nguoilaodong, | February 25, 2021 08:18 AM
The release dates of various movies have been rescheduled due to the on-going Covid-19 outbreak.


Glitch starring Nha Phuong has been delayed

On February 22, the producer of Thien Than Ho Menh (Guardian Angel) announced that the release date will be moved to April 9 instead of March 19. Because of Covid-19, all Tet movies this year were affected and other movies have also suffered. The producer said instead of releasing the movie in March, the new date would be in the lead to the start of summer movies.

Song Song (Glitch) starring actress Nha Phuong was also delayed to a yet-decided date.

"Public health is the utmost priority so we decided to move the release date as the situation is still complicated. We'll announce the new release date as soon as possible," CJ Entertainment wrote in their announcement.

Kieu, a movie funded, directed by and starring Mai Thu Huyen, is another movie that had its release date postponed.

The movie is supposed to be released in March but as of now, cinemas in HCM City are still closed as part of Covid-19 prevention efforts. Since the situation can be unpredictable, the film producer has not decided on a new date yet.

Four movies, FaceOff:48 Hours, The Royal Bride 5, The Adventures of Trang Ti and Old Father, that were scheduled during Tet have been badly impacted, and there's still no announcement whether these movies will be re-released in the cinema again.

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