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Local singer accused of plagiarising music video concept
  • | Tuoi Tre | June 08, 2012 11:37 AM

 The South Korean newspaper Sport Chosun has recently accused Vietnamese pop singer Bao Thy of plagiarising the concept of South Korean singer HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” music video.

 Bao Thy
The Vietnamese singer was criticized for a scene in her music video of the song “Ngay Vang Anh” (The Day Without You) in which she and some girls wearing shorts and tank tops and dance in front of an SUV. The scene in the video, which was released last November, is accused of looking like the scene in “Bubble Pop”, released last July, which also has girls dancing in front of an.

“In fact, the only difference between the two scenes is the color of the SUV in the background, and of course the quality of the production,”, a Korean newswire about K-pop, said about the incident.

“Bao Thy debuted as a singer after winning a beauty pageant and has been previously criticised for plagiarising Lee Hyori‘s “10 Minutes” and “U Go Girl,” allkpop even added.

For her part, Bao Thy rejected the accusation, saying that “Though my music video was released after HyunA’s “Bubble Pop,” the concept of dancing in front of a pink car was planned by my film crew a long time ago. After watching the show “Vietnam’s Next Top Model,” we found the car and decided to hire it for the music video”.

She also added that the similarity between the two videos only occurs during the dancing scene, and added that it’s normal to come up with the same idea.

“People cannot accuse me of plagiarism due to only one scene. There are billions of clips of singers dancing in front of cars around the world. Like scenes in clubs or bars, many singers do it but nobody says it’s plagiarism,” she said.

A photo comparing the dancing scenes in two music videos posted on allkpop. Bao Thy is on the left.

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