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Hanoi's cosplayers hit the town
  • | | September 14, 2010 06:39 PM

Young Hanoians had a thrilling day with the Japanese cosplayer duo YuRiE at the Acctive Expo 2010.

The event included an exhibition showcasing photographs and videos of the cosplay pair at the Exhibition Hall of the Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam.

“Cosplay” is the act of dressing up as characters from various animations, mangas and games. It is the art of transforming 2 dimensional images into 3 dimensional figures.

YuRiE is a collaborative cosplay team formed by two young Japanese cosplayers: YuRi and RiE. They earned the honor of being cosplay champions of the world at the World Cosplay Summit 2009. Their cosplay and performance is of the characters Sanada Hiroyuki and Date Masamune, from a game called Sengoku BASARA. They were highly acclaimed by both the judges and the audience in the World Cosplay Summit which is held annually in Nagoya, Japan.

There were also many pop culture activities taking place at the Hanoi Children’s Palace on Sunday. YuRiE were the jury of “Cos’Night” in which 5 selected groups of Vietnamese cosplayers perform to compete, followed by a performance by YuRiE themselves. Below are photos of Hanoi’s cosplayers.


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