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National team fails fans with loss to Malaysia
  • By An An | | December 12, 2014 02:32 PM
 >>  Malaysia crush Vietnam in AFF semis

Vietnam went down to a humiliating defeat against Malaysia last night (December 11) at a packed My Dinh Stadium in Hanoi in a crucial ASEAN Football Federation semi-final match, the national team being knocked out of cup contention.


 Dejected fans

Despite winning its first semi-final clash with Malaysia last weekend by 2-1, a victory that sparked clashes between Malaysian and Vietnamese fans at Selangor in Malaysia, Vietnam failed to defend its advantage in front of a 40,000-strong crowd, losing 4-2 on its home ground.

Commentators blamed Vietnam's woeful defence for the crushing loss, with mistakes up and down the pitch. A goal-mouth foul in the fourth minute opened the door for Malaysia.

In the 29th minute, an attempted block by Mai Tien Thanh sent the ball into the goal, giving Malaysia a 3-1 lead. By halftime, Malaysia had scored four goals. The second half might have redeemed the local side, but it could not break through a well organised defence.

Vietnam is now out of the race for the AFF Suzuki Cup, having lost 5-4 on aggregate.



 Disappointment in the stadium

"I want to apologise to all Vietnamese football fans," said midfielder Huy Toan. "Thank you for following and cheering for us."

More than one thousand police were mobilise to ensure security at My Dinh Stadium after Malaysian fans attacked Vietnamese fans last Sunday. No incidents were reported during or after last night's match.




 Shocked at the defeat

Midfielder Thanh Luong said, "As a player, I always wanted to bring back victory and happiness to the fans. As a father, I also wanted to bring victory for my kids. But there's a thin line between winning and losing in football. I sincerely apologise to all the fans who have been supporting us."

Coach Toshyia Miura and the team apologised after the match, adding they hoped they would continue to receive support in future tournaments.

Malaysia will now play Thailand in a two-leg final, and Vietnam and the Philippines will share third place.

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