Temporary markets clog Hanoi’s streets
  • | | August 11, 2011 07:44 AM

Unregulated temporary markets have caused major traffic congestion on several streets in Hanoi.

Chicken stalls spilling out onto the street

Almost all the streets in residential areas 100, 111 and 112 in Dong Da District’s O Cho Dua Ward were filled by hundreds of unlicensed stalls, causing inconvenience to local residents.

Local residents complained, “Temporary markets have taken over the pavements and roadsides in front of our houses. They operate all the day, polluting the environment and causing traffic congestion.”

Despite complaints, increasing numbers of unofficial markets have sprouted up, turning a well-planning resident area along Hoang Cau into a litter-strewn mess.

Local resident Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan said, “One morning, we were woken up by a terrible noise from the market. When I opened the door, I was shocked to see dozens of stalls sin front of my house. When we told them to move, the stall holders shouted at us. Almost all our families in this area have had no other choice but to close their door all day.”

Vendors can be heard swearing and arguing, shattering the peace of a well-ordered community, Lan noted.

Vice Chairman of O Cho Dua Ward People’s Committee Tran Tri Anh said, “We’ve received a lot of petitions from local residents about these temporary markets. They have complained a lot about the negative impact the markets are having on their lives.”

According to Tri Anh, local authorities have held a meeting to discuss measures to deal with this issue and O Cho Dua police will help force the markets to close.

Local resident petitions

Vendors occupy the pavement in front of local houses

Markets cause congestion

Blocking access

Goods sold along the streets

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