Wild foods become trend in Vietnam
  • | VEF, | July 03, 2012 02:21 PM

The dangers of chemical use in agriculture and livestock products has turned many households to seek out more natural products in the marketplace.


 Wild foods trend in Vietnam

In some of Hanoi’s markets customers have been seeking out wild fish and vegetables instead of those grown in farms, despite their higher prices.

Nguyen Thi Loan, the owner of a grocery store in a temporary market on Tran Cung Street, Cau Giay District, said, “These types of foods are not always available because of limited supplies, which are harvested by local farmers and need to be collected from remote areas Many of these places have daily markets, but there is often not enough."

Nha, another shop-owner, said, "Vegetables in general are not selling well, but wild products has been trendy lately."

Numerous shoppers see buying wild produce as a way of protecting their families' health, and are willing to pay the extra money to do so.

One such consumer, Nguyen Thu Thuy, from Tu Liem District, said, "These days you have to be very careful about the food you eat. I don't mind paying a bit more to make sure my family is eating good food even though prices can be three or four times higher."

Shoppers seek wild fish and vegetables

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