Parents opt for 'lucky' surgical births
  • | laodong, | June 19, 2013 09:51 AM

Vietnamese mothers are favouring Caesarean section deliveries as many parents believe that their children's birthday will affect their fortune.


Though the surgical birth rate in the world is only 15%, this rate in Vietnam has reached up to 40-60%.

A gold shop owner in Hanoi wanted to have a boy after having two daughters and luckily his wife was pregnant with a boy soon later.

When his wife was eight months into pregnancy, he asked a fortune teller for advice on the child's day and hours of birth. Followed the advice, his wife gave birth prematurely but the child had severe pneumonia and passed away.

Another parents also asked for guidance from fortune teller and successfully had their first child prematurely in full health. The wife was pregnant two years later.

Although doctor said she was expecting too soon after the first surgery, she still chose to have the child because the fortune teller said the child's destiny was brilliant.

But 14 weeks into pregnancy, she had uterus complication because of the scars from the first surgery. To save the mother, doctors had to remove her uterus.

Many parents opt for surgical births because they think that controlled birth is painless and good for mother and child. According to Hanoi Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, there were 45,900 deliveries in 2012 in which 50% were surgical births.

Doctors have always said if both mother and child are healthy then there's no reason for a surgical birth. But parents can easily arrange a 'perfect' time to give birth if they bribe the doctors and surgeons.

Most mothers will choose a doctor from obstetrics and gynaecology hospitals to monitor their health over nine months before informing the doctor the time they want to give birth.

Specialists warned that the pain will actually doubled after surgery. Furthermore, mothers that have surgical births will face many threats such as infections, internal bleeding and scars.

Infants from surgical births often have weaker immune systems so mothers should not have surgical births without medical need.

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