Fancy final resting places in the Mekong Delta
  • By Huynh Hai | | July 31, 2013 03:55 PM
 >>  Elaborate tombs, a trend among the wealthy

A recently-built luxury cemetery in Hau Giang Province caters to those willing and able to spend sums as large as VND500 million (USD23,596) for a luxurious final resting place.


Costly tombs at luxury cemetery

Fairy Park – Mekong JSC recently opened a cemetery in Thanh Hoa Commune, Phung Hiem District.

“To have a tomb built here costs anywhere from VND64 million to upwards of VND500 million (USD3,020-23,596),” said Trinh Quoc Trung, the company’s director.

According to him, the charge includes fees for land, construction, consultancy and maintenance services.

In some special cases prices can be as high as one billion dong, depending on customers’ requirements.

Trung, however, said their prices are reasonable as their services are outstanding compared with normal cemeteries.

“We’re trying to provide prominent services to those who can afford them. The facility provides an ideal space not only for the deceased but also for their living relatives to take a rest,” he emphasised.

People have to pay the fees once but enjoy the services forever, including long-term maintenance and round-the-clock security. The Incineration technology is modern and environmentally friendly, he added.

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