Breeder brings back the racehorse
  • | vietnamnet, | February 02, 2014 05:44 PM
A Vietnamese-French man in HCM City is still raising and training racehorses despite the dwindling practice.


Racehorses face deadly fate after Phu Tho Horse Racing Ground shutdown

Phu Tho Horse Racing Ground was a well-known destination for horse lovers. But when the ground was shut down in 2011 for new buildings and a complex, the fate of racehorses turned for the worse without a racing ground or tournaments.

Unable to keep the horses due to financial difficulties, many people had to sell their horses, which were slaughtered for meat. However, in Xuan Thoi Thuong Commune, Hoc Mon District, Baudron Jean Yves is raising nine racehorses, most of which have won first prizes in previous tournaments.


Baudron Jean Yves is raising nine horses

Despite spending tens of millions of VND for upkeep each month, he vowed the stable will remain as long as he lives. According to Jean Yves, the horses are not the only ones to face difficulties after the shutdown, many people such as trainers and groomers also lost jobs. Some people had to leave for other places. 


A racehorse

He was unable to look away when the horses were being sold to be killed, so he gathered up horse lovers and asked for permit to create a racing club. Moreover, he is planning to set up a racetrack in near future.

According to his plan, this Tet, in the year of horse, about 200 horses will participate in a race. Even though the race is not considered professional, he hopes it will lift the spirits of many people.

This he says will also be encouragement for other owners keep their horses instead of selling them.

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