Tunnels become underground rubbish dumps in Hanoi
  • | | March 18, 2014 08:12 AM

Many tunnels in Hanoi have become littered, covering with water and rubbish, with those on newly-built National Highway 32 being typical examples.


After many years of sluggish construction, the newly-built National Highway 32 project has come to serve as a prime example of already dilapidated projects.

The tunnels looks quite new outside, with new-looking roofs, but inside is a very different scene. There these tunnels serve both as a WC and a dumping ground.

The owner of a tea stand near a tunnel said, “I have been here for several years, but I have never seen anyone cross the road through the tunnel.”


The two tunnels near Hanoi Industrial University are also in the same state. They have become a de facto underground dumping ground, although they look quite modern from outside.

The tunnels cost billions of VND, and were meant to serve people crossing the road, but now are never used for their designed purposes. It is a great waste for the capital city of Hanoi.





The tunnels look like underground rubbish dumps


The tunnels cost billions of VND

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