Ha Tinh residents fear unsafe illegal fuel stations
  • By Xuan Sinh | | June 13, 2015 10:20 AM

Residents in crowded residential areas of Ha Tinh Province have to live surrounded by the constant threat of illegal fuel stations and shops, which defy regulations and ignore attempts by authorities to remove them.

Gas station in residential area

Fuel stations are supposed to be 100m from a residence, but a man who lives next to one with his family, said, "The petrol smell is constant and everywhere. We get headaches. Apart from the environment pollution, everyone is scared of a fire."

Many small outlets, which are required to be at least 300 square metres, but are often no more than street corner suppliers, do not meet environmental or safety requirements and refuse to relocate.

Nam Ha Petroleum Agency unlicensed

Nam Ha Petroleum Agency had its business license revoked in 2012. It continues to operate and has ignored orders that it close.

Tran Manh Son, head of the Office of Industry and Trade in Can Loc District, said, "There are 18 stations in the district and we are asking four to stop operating because they do not meet regulations."

He said the authorities were looking at the Nam Ha Petroleum Agency case and would try to find a solution. 

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