Phuc Dat Bich: Vietnamese Australian man with the world's unluckiest name says he is 'honoured' to spread joy
  • | Mirror | November 24, 2015 10:56 AM
A man with the unfortunate name of Phuc Dat Bich has said he is "honoured" to have spread so much joy around the world after his rude-sounding name went viral.
Unusual: Phuc Dat Bich has been going viral on Facebook

In a post, Vietnamese-Australian Phuc Dat Bich told followers he was delighted he had been able to provide some light relief during a week blighted by terror attacks in Paris and Mali.

The remarks come after his name - pronounced "Phoo Da Bic" - made headlines around the world after the exasperated 23-year-old posted a picture of his passport online to prove he was not joking about his name.

In the Facebook post earlier this year, the National Australia Bank worker said he found it "highly irritating” that nobody seemed to believe him.

  Phuc Dat Bich
Proud: The 23-year-old is happy to have made people laugh

But on Sunday he appeared to have made his peace with the situation.

He wrote: "I'd like to mention that I am very grateful to those who have been supportive of certain names that populate in different cultures. We live in a diverse and multicultural society and the fact that there are people out there who are supportive and encouraging really makes me happy.

"I've never ranted nor wept that my post would get this sort of exposure.

Facebook: Phuc Dat Bich said he was proud of his name

"But I am glad and honoured to be able to make people happy by simply making them laugh at something that appears outrageous and ridiculous. Much tragic events have happened all over the world, out of it all only happiness can mend.

"As an individual I hope I have played a part in brightening your days! " before singing off "PDB".

In his original angry post, Mr Phuc wrote: "I find it highly irritating the fact that nobody seems to believe me when I say that my full legal name is how you see it.

"I've been accused of using a false and misleading name of which I find very offensive.

"Is it because I'm Asian? Is it?

"Having my [Facebook account] shut down multiple times and forced to change my name to my 'real' name, so just to put it out there. My name.

"Yours sincerely, Phuc Dat Bich."

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