Expert warns about "vampire” facelifts
  • | plHCM, | November 26, 2015 01:54 PM

Vietnamese women are seeking platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment technology that uses ingredients in an individual’s blood to allegedly regenerate their skin, even though the treatment has not been licenced by the Ministry of Health.


A Vietnamese woman is having plasma injected into the face to allegedly regenerate the skin

Prices for this new treatment vary. At a beauty salon on HCM City's Su Van Hanh Street, an employee said they have VND16m (USD762) package for a single procedure and VND22m for two procedures. Customers can shell out VND65m for a whole year and go to the salon once every two or three months. The employee guaranteed that the technology was 100% safe and had no side effects.

About 30ml of blood will be drawn from the customers. Then the blood will be centrifuged to separate out the plasma and platelets from the red blood cells. This plasma will be injected into the face. In order to let the plasma sink into the skin, customers have their face poked with needles before applying the plasma.

This method is becoming popular among Vietnamese woman. Dao Thi Thao from Kien Giang Province said she had spent VND57m and was able to minimise acne scars on her face. Thao said she would continue the treatment to erase all the scars.

However, Dr. Nguyen An Tuan from the Medical Centre at HCM City Medicine and Pharmacy University said needles puncturing the skin offered high risk of infection if the needles are not clean. "Healthy tissues in the skin will also be affected," he said.

In addition, vitamins and collagen are added into the plasma so allergies and other side effects may occur.

According to Phu Chi Dung, director of HCMC Blood Transfusion and Haematology Hospital, there has been no official research and evidence to show that this procedure works or is safe.

In fact, no medical facilities are allowed to carry out PRP treatment as they have not been licenced by the Ministry of Health. Facilities which don't have medical licences face fines of VND50m to VND70m.

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