More obese children found in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
  • By Hong Hai | | October 19, 2017 01:50 PM
HCM City and Hanoi have the highest number of overweight children with children in city centres more obese than children in the suburbs.


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Bui Thi Nhung from the National Institute of Nutrition announced at the conference about child obesity held in Hanoi on October 18.

In 1996, the prevalence of obesity in Hanoi and HCM City was only 12%. This number increased to 43% in 2009. According to the latest report, the percentage was 50% in HCM City in 2014-2015 period and 40.7% in Hanoi.

"It's alarming that one out of every two children is obese," Nhung said.

A survey conducted at eight primary schools in Hanoi by the Hanoi Preventive Medicine Centre show that the city centre has more obese children. The prevalence of obesity in Hoang Mai, Thanh Xuan district is lower than in Hai Ba Trung or Hoan Kiem District. 40.6% of the obese children are in the inner city and 17% are in the suburbs.

The nutritionists have warned about a variety of illnesses such as heart disease and high blood pressure and diabetes. Nhung said, "As high as 50% of 500 obese children have dyslipidemia."

Unbalanced diets are blamed. According to experts, children consume too much fast and fried food, and carbonated soft drinks while rarely exercise, preferring to stay home to play on computers.

Nhung said children needed to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and exercise more.

Obesity among adults is also a growing problem and discussed at the conference. The national strategy on nutrition during the 2011-2020 period identified specific measures for different target groups and regions. Issues included improving the average height of people, obesity and related disease prevention.

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