Hospital successfully carries out robotic surgeries on 222 patients in only ten months
  • | Nhan Dan | October 29, 2017 02:01 PM
The Ho Chi Minh City-based Binh Dan Hospital hosted a ceremony on October 28 to mark one year since its deployment of robotic surgery for adults in Vietnam and to receive the third class Labour Order.

A robotic surgery at Binh Dan Hospital. (Credit:

As the pioneer of robotic technology in endoscopic surgery, the hospital is the first medical facility in Vietnam to apply the most modern technique in the world in a minimally invasive surgery for patients. Just over ten months since its inception, 222 patients have been treated with surgical robots, with 59 of them diagnosed with prostate cancer and 54 with colorectal cancer. About 60 patients with disadvantaged background received reduced or zero fees.

This is a breathtaking figure even for surgical robotic system manufacturers when making comparison to other large robotic surgery centres around the world. Particularly, with the understanding of the body and anatomy of Vietnamese people, robotic surgeons from Binh Dan Hospital have been highly valued by foreign colleagues for their technical sophistication in robotic surgical practice.

Speaking at the celebration of the 1st anniversary of robotic surgery for adults in Vietnam, Dr. Tran Vinh Hung, Director of Binh Dan Hospital, said that choosing robotic surgery as a spearhead development is a breakthrough for the hospital, in accordance with the development orientation of high quality and specialised medical centres from Ho Chi Minh City, and at the same time catching on the wave of the second revolution in the surgical sector in the world, after the era of laparoscopic surgery that Binh Dan Hospital is also one of the first hospital deployed in the 1990s.

"This success is very beneficial for patients because it helps to treat thoroughly and at the same time preserves the function of the remaining organs, while minimising the risk of complications after surgery,” Dr. Hung said, adding that the technique helps patients undergo a more gentle surgery with less postoperative pain, faster recovery and a shorter hospital stay.

Having to seek treatment opportunities abroad, many patients can now be treated in Ho Chi Minh City with doctors certified to meet international standards for robotic surgery, Dr. Hung affirmed.

Binh Dan Hospital receives the third-class Labour Order on October 28 for its achievements in robotic surgery. (Credit:

Highly appreciating the results by Binh Dan Hospital after nearly one year of officially deploying robotic surgery for adults, Deputy Chairwoman of the municipal People's Committee Nguyen Thi Thu said that this is a breakthrough encouraging other medical facilities to invest in improving their ability in medical examination and treatment by early accessing to advanced medical technologies in the world.

Thu also urged the hospital, established in 1954, to promote scientific research on laparoscopic surgery and build up the database and patient model to be treated with robotic surgery, as well as promoting international cooperation in the field to become a treatment and training centre for robotic surgery.

On the occasion, the Binh Dan staff and Dr. Hung were also honoured by the third-class Labour Order awarded by the State President for their achievements in deploying robotic surgery.

After nearly one year of implementation, so far the hospital has completed the list of 14 disease types which can be operated on using robotic surgery approved by the Ministry of Health. In addition, 14 of its doctors sent abroad for training have been certified to meet international standards for robotic surgery.

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