Hanoi firefighters develop motorbikes for alley fires
  • | | December 07, 2017 02:48 PM
Hanoi firefighters have modified motorbikes to carry their equipment into small alleyways to allow them to carry out their tasks.

A number of modified motorbikes have been officially put into use in the capital city.

Nguyen Truong Son, head of the Fire Prevention and Fight Division 2, said the idea was born after dealing with many cases in the area. Ba Dinh and Dong Da districts have many small alleyways that fire engines can’t access.

The modified motorbikes are efficient when dealing with small fires, fires in the alleyways, and especially when there is traffic congestion. If the hydrants are too far away, the firefighters can use water pumps to use water from the locals.

They installed a metal frame on the motorbikes in order to carry the extinguishers, masks, hammer, water pump and other firefighting equipment.

Depending on the situation that the motorbikes will be accompanied by fire engines or not.

The firefighters tested the motorbikes before putting them officially in use. Dong Da and Ba Dinh districts largely escaped large fires last year and only suffered VND70m USD (3,000) in damage. There were no fatalities recorded.

In 2018, the Fire Prevention and Fight Division 2 will consult Ba Dinh and Dong Da district authorities to equip wards with alleyways proper water pump system. The residents will be trained to use the pump to control fires in emergency cases.







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