Phu Quoc streets ruined after flood
  • | | August 14, 2019 09:40 AM
Potholes have appeared in a large number on the streets of Phu Quoc Island after the recent flooding.

Statistics from Phu Quoc People's Committee show that 63km of streets on the island was submerged by an average of 0.7 metres of water. Some places were under two metres of water. Over 8,000 houses were submerged.

People had to use boats or change routes in order to travel. After the water receded, the streets were left with many more potholes, especially along Tran Phu and April 30th streets.

Le Viet Bac, deputy director of Kien Giang Province Department of Transport, said they had surveyed the site twice and filed a report to the provincial authorities for solutions.

Some photos of the streets:






Large and deep potholes on the streets

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