Quang Ngai residents suffer because of stagnant projects
  • | laodong, | November 16, 2019 09:28 AM
Nearly 1,000 people in Quang Ngai City are living in fear as they have to live in dilapidated houses and can't move or repair because of stagnated projects.


Quang Ngai residents suffer because of stagnant projects

The residents in Cluster 14, Le Hong Phong Ward, are all living in seriously dilapidated houses. Le Trong Man said stagnated projects have caused them difficulties for 22 years. Their rice fields were bought for VND200-300m and they do not know what to do to earn a living.

"We live in the city but we feel like we have been abandoned. Surrounding projects have turned this area into a wetland and we are more prone to diseases. Yet the authorities don’t have any preventive methods. I just want to receive compensation for the house and move to the resettlement area," he said.

Another resident Le Van Nhan said he was especially afraid whenever he heard of a new storm. His roof is leaking and his walls are covered with moss.

Since 1997, Cluster 14 has been included in many projects like the provincial administrative centre or Tra Khuc embankment. Some projects were completed but many are stagnant. The agricultural lands were all bought but the resettlement problem hasn't been dealt with.

262 households lack legal documents related to land so they can't repair the houses. They have filed complaints many times but the promises from the authorities have not been realised. Recently, over 50 households continued to file complaints to the authorities at several levels.

Pham Viet At, chairman of Le Hong Phong Ward, said there were two solutions. The first one is to quickly complete the project and the second one is to fix the surrounding and issue land-use certificates for the residents. The ward authorities want to support the residents and want the project to be completed as soon as possible.

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