Hanoi shop donates coffee to hospital
  • | | March 25, 2020 08:05 AM
A coffee shop in Hanoi has offered free morning coffee and tea to doctors at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases.


300 coffee and milk tea cups donated to the hospital every day

For the past week, at 8.45 am, bags that contain over 300 coffee and milk tea cups have been delivered to the hospital from an anonymous coffee chain. The employees and customers also sent their encouragement and messages to the doctors on the cups.

"Wish you all be healthy to keep working and return to the family" and "This tea is really sweet because it contains out gratitude feelings to all of you" are the supporting messages sent to the medical staff.

The doctors and nurses said they felt really warm when they received the coffee and tea after their shifts. "They're a precious source of encouragement," a doctor said.


Writing messages to the medical staff

Thu, a customer at the coffee shop, said, "We all appreciate what they are doing. Their jobs are hard and hazardous. We can't help them much and hope that our messages will bring them some joy."

The shop started the activity on March 19. After four days, hundreds of customers have responded to the shop's call to write messages to medical staff.

Mai Trang, an employee at the shop said they started work at 5.30am, one hour earlier than usual to quickly prepare the drinks to be brought to the hospital on time. But everyone feels happy to be involved.


Coffee and milk tea are prepared

"It's difficult to ensure that the drink will still be warm when they were brought to the hospital. That's why we have to calculate carefully," Kieu Oanh, CEO of the shop said. "Our employees are happy despite harder work. Employees from other areas also came to help. We'll keep giving free 10,000 drinks for at least a month. All businesses are in difficulties now but we have hope."

"I've been on many trips," the delivery driver said. "But I feel special this time because I feel like I'm bringing love and warmth to the medical staff."

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