Workers risk lives crossing expressway to save time
  • | | October 06, 2020 07:21 AM
Hundreds of workers in Bac Giang Province are risking their lives crossing the expressway to save time going back and forth to their houses.

Mua Pi Po, a worker from Ha Giang Province and is working in Van Trung Industrial Park said that his rented house is very close to the factory but it's on the opposite side of the expressway. Since he walks to work, it will take him 30 minutes to go to work if he uses the pedestrian bridge. It's much faster to cross the expressway even though he has to carefully observe the surroundings and time his crossing quickly.

Hanoi-Bac Giang Expressway plays an important role in the national traffic network. However, after being opened for traffic, many accidents have occurred near Van Trung and Quang Chau industrial parks. Despite the danger, hundreds of workers still try to save time by crossing the expressway.

A pedestrian bridge has been built to deal with the problem, but it is often congested during rush hours and many people didn't want to walk across it.

The Police Department in Bac Giang sent employees to patrol the area and warn the workers. But the workers would simply choose another section to cross the street.

Some photos of the area:





A traffic police officer asks a worker not to cross the expressway.

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