What Chinese people may think
  • By Dieu Cam | dtinews.vn | June 06, 2014 09:10 AM

The illegal Chinese actions in Vietnam's exclusive economic zone since May 2 have raised strong public opposition, with many Chinese people showing concern.

One Vietnamese writer has attempted to see the situation through the eyes of a Chinese person. The following is her imagining of what an average Chinese person might think:


A Chinese ship is spraying water cannons at a Vietnamese vessel

Since President Xi Jinping was in power, we have heard about 'The Chinese dream' and the development of peace. We do not understand this Chinese dream, but our dream is very simple. It is just peace and development. As for 'strategic opportunity', now hailed by Chinese leaders, we understand that it is the right time for a strategy of 'China’s peaceful rise', with undertones of the opportunity to become the most powerful country in the world.

However, we have went against what we said by causing violent incidents in the East Sea. This has hurt the country’s stature on the world stage.

Since holding power, President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang have had to deal with lots of issues in the country, including slower economic growth, gap between the rich and poor, environmental protection, anti-corruption, bombing, Xinjiang violence and Tiananmen Square massacre.

However, instead of focusing on solving internal issues, we have provoked neighbouring countries in the East Sea. Whether does anyone want to create this situation to make Chinese people to forget the country’s current problems.

Our leaders have announced many times that China would not pursue the dream of expansionism, as Chinese people have experienced wars so they can understand problems caused by this. Confucius set out his Golden Rule, 'Do unto others a you have done unto you'.

However, the illegal oil rig has gone against all Chinese efforts to persuade the world that China will maintain peace and not pursue a policy of expansionism.

We do not live on the moon, but on this planet, with relations of people from other nations. So, we have to conform to international law. How will the world be if all countries break international laws?

We are very happy to see the leaders’ announcement to behave with neighbouring countries friendly and peacefully for mutual interest and development. Nonetheless, we have provoked them.

ASEAN countries have raised concerns over the illegal Chinese oil rig, which would affect regional security and peace. This has triggered a risk for an costly arms race in the region. History proves that despite power, any country which rush into arms race will unavoidably be hurt.

One thing that still causes wonder is that China always provokes Vietnam even though the two countries have a long history of comradeship, pursuing the goal of social development. We have ever expressed a wish to be a good neighbour and friend with Vietnam. Some among us have blamed Vietnam for their plot and unfaithfulness, but in reality, over the past thousands years, they have never invaded us. Meanwhile, many Chinese dynasties invaded them such as Qin, Tang, Yuan, Ming and Qing consecutively invaded them. One hand, we helped them to fight against the invaders, but on the other hand, taking advantages of the time when they had to busy with the war, we occupied their Paracel Islands and then Spratly Islands.

We expect that our leaders will reconsider and cease the illegal actions to other countries.

Even not being sure that all Chinese people fully understand the Chinese incursions in the East Sea, still those who are in sound mind will understand this and what they expect is also for the country’s peace and interest.

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