Parents want a lesson from teacher's punishment
  • By Bui Hoang Tam | dtinews.vn | December 14, 2016 01:54 PM
While violence in school is always criticised, a teacher in Hanoi has instead been treated with sympathy for her drastic solution to disruptive pupils.

Phung Hong Anh at Hoang Liet Primary School used adhesive tape to cover the mouths of several pupils as a punishment for their making noise during her lesson on November 23.

The teacher then removed the tape and said sorry to the students for her unsuitable punishment. She also called their parents to apologise for the punishment that she said she gave after temporarily losing her temper.

Anh decided to resign following rising criticism and pressure from the public after her punishment was published in local newspapers. Her resignation was accepted.

However, parents sent a letter to the school expressing that they sympathised with Anh and still wanted her to be the teacher of their children.

“We’re very sad at what had happened with Anh and our children," the letter said. "But that can be seen as an accident no one wants to happen. Anh is a warm, friendly and simple person. She has done a lot for our children and they love her. We've seen them crying after a farewell party with her."

Although Anh's punishment for her students was wrong and have been criticised by many, she also received sympathy.

Many readers have sent comments to Dantri/DTiNews backing the teacher’s actions.

"Anh has realised her mistake and we should give her another chance," a reader wrote.

The teacher also has the understanding from the parents who said they wanted to teach their children a lesson about sympathy and forgiveness through this incident.

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