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What's on February 24-March 1 (Daily updated)
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Hanoi-‘Lang Toi’ (My Village) by Lune Production

Feb 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 6pm

Hanoi Opera House, 1 Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem District

 A delicate merge of tradition and innovation, where the poetic beauty of Northern Vietnam’s village life is presented through a new cirque approach.

Farming, building activities, traditional games, and the lifestyle of the Northern villagers are recreated through ancestral bamboo props, breath-taking cirque and acrobatics performances, as well as rhythmic dancing, performed with distinct folk music from more than 20 musical instruments.

Ticket prices: VND700,000 - VND2,100,000

HCMC- Performance by German-Bulgarian musician

Feb 29,
The Lighthouse,
German-Bulgarian musician Stefan Goldmann will perform together with Belgian DJ Jonathan and Swiss DJ Ouch.

The 42-year-old artist released his first music record in 2001. Since then, he has released dozens of singles and albums, with a focus on techno.

HCMC-Teh Dar: Vietnamese Tribal Culture

Feb 24, 25, 27, 28, 29; Mar 1, 6pm

Ho Chi Minh City Opera House, 7 Cong Truong Lam Son, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

Featuring a vibrant display of circus arts, aerial acrobatics, and tribal music within an hour-long performance.

The show highlights the lives of tribal families from the southwest highlands of Vietnam, using UNESCO-listed percussion instruments, such as Vietnamese gongs and buffalo horns, as well as vibrant costumes, and a stunning bamboo cirque depicting various landscapes and creatures from tribal folklores.

Price range: VND700,000 - VND1,600,000



Hanoi- Korean folk paintings displayed in Hanoi


Until Feb 25,

Featuring nearly 50 folk paintings drawn by Korean artists.

The exhibition shows aspirations and dreams of Korean people in different periods through various topics of nature, daily life and young woman.

“Folk paintings feature happiness," said Song Chang-soo, deputy president of the Korean Folk Painting Association. "I hope this exhibition will be an opportunity for the Republic of Korea (RoK) and Vietnam to promote exchanges through traditional paintings."

The paintings were drawn by 46 artists from the Korean Folk Painting Association. The colourful artwork show joy, happiness and excitement in life as seen from different angles with contemporary creativity of each artist.

Hanoi-Exhibition: “Green river, blue mountain”

L’Espace, 24 Trang Tien street, Hoan Kiem district

An exhibition - installation “Nuoc xanh non biec” (Green river, blue mountain) by visual artist Le Giang, the winner of the resident artist program “Tuong ho” Villa Saigon 2019.

The exhibition is an attempt by the Hanoi-based artist to identify painful obstacles in dealing with a region of conflicting memories, as well as the need to face the myths about Indochina in the current Vietnam context.

Hanoi-Photo Exhibition and the Premiere of the Photo Book “People of the Old Years”

Feb 22-Mar 3,
Ngon Garden,70 Nguyen Du Street

From the organizer:

An exhibition by photographer Ha Tuong.

Ha Tuong (born in 1942) is a sociable person, who traveled a lot. His lens has captured most of the typical artist faces from literature, poetry, journalism, translation, painting, theater, film, to scholars, scientists, and philosophers , history, ethnography … Quartet of Vietnamese painting masters Nghiem Lien Sang Phai; musicians Van Cao, Trinh Cong Son, poets Dang Dinh Hung, Le Dat, Tran Dan and Hoang Cam; historian Tran Quoc Vuong; ethnographer Tu Chi … those photos were taken during 20 years, from 1975 to 1995, in black and white film.

The book is 150 pages thick with 150 photos

To order the book, call: 0902 209 039

Hanoi-Flying Pieces of Silk

AGOhub, 12 Hoa Ma street, Hai Ba Trung district

Featuring works by students majoring in Silk Arts at Vietnam Fine Arts University. The event not only boasts painting traditional silk materials of young generation of artists but also marks their start in their journey of art.

Hanoi-Invisible Fragments

Opening: Feb 29, 7pm – 9 pm
Exhibition: Feb 29 – Mar 5
Ago Hub, 4th floor, 12 Hoa Ma st., Hai Ba Trung Street

From Heritage Space:

A visual-audio installation by artist Félix-Antoine Morin from Montreal (Canada).

Félix-Antoine Morin studied visual arts at UQAM and electroacoustic composition at the Conservatory of Montreal (Canada). In 2008, he won a JTTP award and in 2012, he received the Joseph S. Stauffer award from the Canada Council for the Arts. His works have been featured in several national and international events. He is also a founding member of the Kohlenstoff Records label.

Timeline opening.

7 pm – 8 pm: opening reception.

8 pm – 9 pm: live performance of Kim-Sanh Châu on the electronic musical background of Félix-Antoine Morin.

Free enchance.

HCMC-Exhibition “The Crossing of Disaster”

Galerie Quynh, 118 Nguyen Van Thu, Dakao, D1

A solo exhibition by François Andes, curated by Luiz Gustavo Carvalho.

Conceived in 2016 and expanded upon during two periods of artistic residence in Vietnam between 2018 and 2019 at Villa Saigon, this project features an ensemble of works: drawings, animation, sculptures, costumes, masks, and musical compositions commissioned from acclaimed composers Samir Odeh-Tamimi (Palestine/Israel) and Sérgio Rodrigo (Brazil).

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