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What's on June 28-July 4 (Daily updated)
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Hanoi-Concert Music of the 20th Century – Concert No. 4

June 28, 7 pm

From Goethe Institut:

The concert series introduces compositions of the 20th and 21st centuries by important living or deceased world-famous composers: a stage of unlimited creativity, rich and extremely diverse developments of different musical colors and composition techniques. The performers are soloists and lecturers at the music academy and at the Inspirito School of Music.

Hanoi-ReConnect: Verbindung

Jul 3, 07 pm
Livestream via Goethe-Institut Hanoi

From Goethe Institut:

The background for the audiovisual performance is an encounter. Linh Hà and AGF met during an artist exchange and residency program called Blind Signal in 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Both artists collaborated in Hanoi and Berlin together and discovered an interesting connection to their backstories.

Linh Hà’s parents spent their young adulthood studying and working, like many other Vietnamese ‘guest’ workers (Gastarbeiter), in the former GDR, the East German Soviet occupied socialist part of Germany, during the 80s. At that time, AGF was just a teenager behind the wall finding her own way. Linh Hà ‘s parents and AGF must have crossed paths in the party scene and student clubs in the wild end of 1980s in Halle/Saale, shortly before the Berlin Wall came down, but they never met. After the wall came down Linh Hà was born in Berlin when AGF started her first steps into her practice as an electronic musician. This special Vietnamese-German history playing out 30 years later in Hanoi, Vietnam where they met (again). AGF was invited to Linh Hàs home to meet her parents and memories from that time were exchanged. Another detail that draws the history together is that AGF grew up in a socialist ghetto city nicknamed Ha-Neu (i.e.: Halle-Neustadt, abbreviated and spoken: as Ha-Neu)… 

Hoi An-A Parallel Experience

July 4, 10 am – 06 pm
CAB Hoi An, 16 Dong Na, Hoi An City
Registration link

From the organizer:

Mình mình thì…. (A self self shall…) is an eye-ear witnessing experience offered by Ngo Thanh Phuong and her co-creators, introducing the first experiments of their long-term project Through the door then…

This experience will be carried out via a “durational event” which will tentatively last for 8 hours, happening live at CAB Hoian. Simultaneously, everything that happens will be monitored by a security camera system (CCTV). The images documented by the cameras will be transmitted in real time to a few screening spaces around Vietnam (information about these venues will be updated soon).

Performers Thuong Le and Hoang Anh are invited by Ngo Thanh Phuong to assume their roles as “two presences” within this experience. Additionally, the cameras are not considered live-stream tools in this instance. 



Hanoi-Photo Exhibition: Things that Count

Until July 7, 08 am – 08 pm
Matca Space for Photography, 48 Ngoc Ha Street

From the organizer:

“Things that count” is an online collaboration between young photographers from Europe and Vietnam. During 10 weeks from March and May 2021, students from the Photography department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium communicated online in text and images with young Vietnamese photographers about important current topics in modern society. Ten values include family, safety, gender, heritage, humor, intimacy, freedom, power, knowledge, and faith.

Hanoi-Exhibition “The Mekong – Stories of Man”

Until Sep 12
L’Espace, 24 Trang Tien Street

From L’Espace:

Lam Duc Hien travelled the Mekong river on a 4,200 km stretch, following its waters from the bustling River of Nine Dragons delta in Vietnam all the way to its source in the snow-covered Tibetan plateau. This cross-continent journey bears a special meaning for Lam as a French-Vietnamese photographer who spent his childhood on the shores of the Mekong in Laos, where it is affectionately called Mother of Rivers.

In this visual diary, Lam interweaves his personal story with that of the river’s current inhabitants. Here, the Mekong simultaneously connects and divides lands, cultures, and destinies.

Vietnam to host first national cultural heritage photo contest

Until November

A national cultural heritage photo contest and exhibition to raise awareness of heritage conservation within the local community.

Competitors are able to submit their entries detailing various aspects of Vietnamese heritage, including local historical and cultural sites, architecture, art, and enthralling scenic spots.

The most outstanding artworks will then be selected for a photo exhibition.

The event is being organised by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as part of activities in the lead up to Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day on November 23.

Binh Dinh Province-Exhibition: ECO-SUS

Opening: Apr 8, 03 pm
Exhibition: Apr 8 – Aug 8
International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science and Education, 7 Science Avenue, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province

From the organizer:

Featuring 11 Visual artists across Vietnam.

ECO-SUS is curated by artists The Son and Uu Dam, opening along with Winter School for Sustainable Development with 100 excellent fellows and respected speakers organized by Danh Nguyen. ICISE, a European-style building inspired by Binh Dinh nature, situated in the heart of a 21 hectares valley surrounded by majestic mountains and a long yellow sand beach. A remarkable architecture design by the famous Jean François Milou. See you at this fascinating exhibition.

The thrilling ECO-SUS exhibition will take place on the beach at 3 PM on April 8th:
1. 03 pm – Warm-up, kick start with with a viral and ambitious artwork from ECO-ĐI by artist Nguyễn Trần Ưu Đàm on Quy Nhơn yellow sand beach to raise global awareness about the pollution.
2. 04 pm – Opening exhibition of 11 Vietnamese artists with their world-class artworks. Curatorial tour lead by artist/curator Thế Sơn
3. 04:30 pm – “Chula” Fashion show by designer Del Valle Cortizas Diego.

4. 09 Apr – Explore Làng Sông, an old monastery, a beautiful structure that built and stood for 158 years, listen to singing hymns, visit publication in the very historic place where Jesuits record the first Vietnamese sounds in Latin.

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