The State Audit Office of Vietnam has undercovered many violations and wrong payments at the Cat Linh-Ha Dong metro project in Hanoi.

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HCM City still suffers from polluting canals

There are about 20,000 households living along HCM City's canals and channels. The wastewater is discharged directly into the environment and causes severe pollution in Vietnam’s most populous city.

Vietnamese heroic pilot passes away

Vietnamese heroic pilot Nguyen Van Bay who shot down seven US aircraft during the American War died Sunday at the age of 84.

Vietnam faces more challenges for rice export to China

Vietnam’s rice export to China has declined following stricter trade barriers.

Cat Lai struggles to deal with 2,000 abandoned containers of waste

While there is still a huge number of abandoned shipments at HCM City's Cat Lai Port, the authorities continue finding out that another firm has abandoned their waste shipment.

Some beauty spots in Vietnam are featured in a new advertisement campaign by the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton.