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Fines create rush to register vehicles
  • By Quynh Anh | | April 15, 2013 02:25 PM
 >>  Ministry presses on with controversial vehicle ownership regulation

The circular fining drivers who do not possess proper ownership registration documents is to go into effect today, April 15.


 Hanoians flock to register vehicles

In early March, the Ministry of Public Security issued a detailed version of Circular 11 which clarified that police are only allowed to ask about vehicle ownership when issuing registration plates, dealing with traffic accidents, criminal cases or confiscated vehicles after traffic violations.

Major-general, Do Dinh Nghi, Deputy Chief of the Department for Administrative Management under the Ministry of Public Security said that, "The police are not allowed to stop vehicles at random for search for proof of ownership."

Traffic violators that have their vehicles temporarily seized will still not be asked to give proof of ownership. Police will identify the registered owner and administer fines in accordance with the law.

Hanoi City road and railway traffic police division said that they would establish checkpoints at major intersections by April 15. Colonel Dao Vinh Thang, station chief said, "We also have a hotline for anyone who sees major traffic violations."

He added that they had already asked registration units to increase their staff so as to be able to speed up the process of vehicle registration and guide owners on the registration process.

After the new regulations many middle-men have popped up who offer the service of quick registration in Hanoi. Thang said that he has given orders to deal with this problem.

Currently the city of Hanoi has around five million vehicles include 500,000 cars and nearly 4.5 million of motorbikes. As of April 12 the number of registered vehicles increased greatly. 

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