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Miners' bodies found after Hoa Binh mine collapse
  • | | November 15, 2018 12:54 PM
 >>  Two missing after illegal mine collapses
The bodies of two miners have been found in a gold mine collapse in Hoa Binh Province.


Miners' bodies found in the cave

The first miner was found on November 10, after seven days the search and rescue mission was started. The rescuers had to make a bamboo raft in order to travel inside the cave. The first body was identified as Truong Cong Chanh.

On November 14, the rescuers found truck buried deep under the mud in the cave and the body of the second miner was found next to it.

The rescuers transferred the body of the second miner out and on the following day, Nguyen Van Hai, vice chairman of Lac Thuy District, confirmed that the second miner had been identified as Bui Van Thu.

The authorities are examining the scene of the accident and carrying out autopsy before returning the miners' bodies to their families.

The search ended after 11 days with over 100 officers and volunteers.

On November 4, two workers were working inside Cot Co Cave at 2 am when a dam at the cave's mouth broke and water flushed into the cave. Rocks and gravel were also swept in and blocked the exit. The mine, owned by Bach Xuan Hung, has been in illegal operation for about five years. Hung has been detained for investigation.

Quach Tat Liem, chairman of Lac Thuy District, said on November 7 that if the miners had not been found that day, their chance of survival was pretty low.

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