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Vietnamese population set at 104 million by 2030
  • | | November 27, 2019 07:57 PM
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has approved the Vietnamese Population Strategy by 2030 in which the country’s total population is set to reach around 104 million by the year.

In the strategy, the government has maintained the replacement level fertility of 2.1 children for each woman of childbearing age.

Regarding the age structure, children below 15 years old will account for 22% of the population by 2030 and the rate for people aged over 65 would be 11%.

Meanwhile, the birth rate will be brought back to less than 109 boys/100 girls against 115.1 male babies for 100 female babies.

The government expects that the country’s average life expectancy will be 75 years old by 2030, with 68 year-olds having good health.

By the year, Vietnamese men’s average height would be 1.685 cm and women 1.575 cm compared to 164.4 cm and 153.4 cm respectively in 2006.

According to the strategy, up to 90% of young people would be provided with medical check-ups and consultancy before their marriage. Up to 70% of pregnant woman will get screening for at least four innate defects for their foetus. Around 90% of new-born babies will be screened for at least five innate diseases.

According to the national population and housing census conducted in April this year, Vietnam’s population was 96.2 million, ranking third in Southeast Asia and 15th in the world, including 47.88 million men. The average gender ratio was 99.1 men per 100 women.

The populous density was 290 people per square metre with Hanoi and HCM City topping nationwide 2,398 people and 4,363 people per kilometre.

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