S.Korean firm’s managers denounced for beating workers
  • | Nld, dtinews | September 04, 2013 09:41 PM

Workers at South Korean-financed Wondo Vina Garment Factory in Tien Giang Province's Cho Gao District have denounced the firm’s human resources managers for beating some of their fellow workers.


Workers surrounding Human Resource Department

The workers are among 3,000 who stopped working on September 4 morning to oppose the factory for not paying them bonuses on Reunification Day (April 30), May Day (May 1) and National Day (September 2). Plus, they only received unsuitable subsidies for their extra working time.

According to the workers, when they stopped work, Head of the factory’s Human Resource Department, Phan Chi Do, beat some of them. Meanwhile, the deputy head of the department took the electric rod of a body guard and pressed it against a pregnant female worker who then fell to the ground.

Therefore, a worker smashed the bodyguard’s room and hundreds of others surrounded the human resources area to oppose the managers’ behaviour.


A worker falls into a faint because of the stressful situation 

Due to the stressful atmosphere, several workers fell into a faint.

Later, traffic police had to protect the two human resource managers. One of the policemen confirmed the use of the electric rod to attack the woman.

Authorities of Cho Gao District have advised workers not to behave impatiently and to work with the factory’s management board to settle the problem.

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