PM asks for more efforts, coordination between business, Government
  • | VGP | December 05, 2018 08:10 AM
PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc asked for more efforts and cooperation from the Vietnamese businesses, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) businesses and the Government in order to gain more success while speaking at the Viet Nam Business Forum 2018 (VBF) in Ha Noi on December 4.

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc attends Viet Nam Business Forum 2018 (VBF) in Ha Noi on December 4, 2018 - Photo: VGP/Quang Hieu


Speaking at the event, PM Phuc referred to Viet Nam’s economic growth of 7% in 2018, higher than other nations in the region and the highest figure recorded over the recent 10 years.

Viet Nam now is the big factory of the world and a destination for trans-national corporations providing products and services in the region and the world such as Samsung, Intel, Canon, Fujitsu, Toyota, Honda, Nike and Vinacapital, he said.

Referring the theme of the forum “Sharing opportunities in the world of changing trade”, Mr. Phuc supposed that trade flows should be taken advantages to achieve more targets in the upcoming time.

Viet Nam now has around 20 export items worth more than US$1 billion, he said, adding that the country has inked and negotiated 16 free trade agreements, which have paved the way for its partnership with more than 60 economies, including 15 nations in G20.

These agreements create opportunities for further connecting and integrating into the global value chain and production network, he asserted.

As the fourth industrial revolution, digital economy and technology advance are regarded as main factors to the development in this century, cultural values and national identity are sources of spiritual power and support for economic prosperity, he stressed.

The Government leader required more efforts from the Vietnamese enterprises, suggesting domestic firms actively seize opportunities and enhance continuous innovation for more success in the future.

He expected to receive further cooperation and opportunity sharing from FDI businesses, adding that the Vietnamese Government hopes that international corporations and FDI businesses to be opener on its supply policy and rely more trusts on Vietnamese enterprises’ capacity.

The PM highlighted the innovative role and coordination of the Government, asserting that the Government is determined to maintaining political, social and macro-economic sustainability.

The Government commits to enhancing strong structural reforms, improving the quality of institution and the State management capacity (both central and local levels) as well as making efforts in clearing congestions for faster and more sustainable development, he confirmed.

The Government continues improving the quality of business environment and the national competitive over the recent three years, which has been manifested in Resolution No.19-2018/NQ-CP reaffirming continued implementation of major tasks and measures to improve the business environment and enhance the national competitiveness and Resolution No. 139/NQ-CP guiding the cost reduction action program for enterprises.

He requested ministries, agencies and localities to put businesses’ concerns in their agenda.

The Government will give more priorities to investment in science-technology, enhancement of research and development capacity, infrastructure, especially smart infrastructure and digital infrastructure to take advantages of opportunities brought by the fourth industrial revolution.

PM Phuc expected that the VBF continues to become a crucial and effective policy dialogue channel between the Government and the business community and play a bridging role in connecting proposals and recommendations of the business with the policy of the Government.

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