Goods exempt from import tax as a means of combating affects of nCoV
  • | VOV | February 09, 2020 01:30 PM
The Ministry of Finance has issued a decision in which a range of goods are exempt from import tax as part of activities aimed at dealing with the negative affects caused by the recent spread of the novel coronavirus (nCoV) epidemic.

The move follows the Minister of Finance signing Decision No. 155 in which a list of items will now be exempt from import tax in order to prevent and control cases of acute respiratory infections caused by new strains of the nCoV.

The decision came into effect from February 7 with five items set to be exempt from paying import tax.

These items include medical mask, hand sanitiser, raw materials used to produce medical masks, disinfectants in liquid form, and both materials and medical equipment such as protective clothes, gloves, and shoes.

Decision No. 155 clearly states that customs officials should be instructed to implement the tax exemption on imported goods as a means of combating the recent spread of the nCoV epidemic.

In addition, customs units should look to co-ordinate with relevant agencies to examine that all imports meet the relevant tax exemption for the correct purpose.

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