Inspection in Kien Giang reveals environmental regulation violations
  • | | May 20, 2020 06:31 AM
The Government Inspectorate has discovered various violations of environmental protection regulations in Kien Giang Province.


Duong Dong Town

The Government Inspectorate has warned about pollution on Phu Quoc Island in its conclusion on land planning, management and use as well as management and exploitation of mineral resources and environmental protection in Kien Giang from 2011 to 2017.

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment inspected at projects on the island every year after their environment impact reports were approved. From 2001 to 2017, they had sent 20 inspection teams to check on 231 facilities. However, the punishments are not strict enough.

Several violations have been detected at Ha Tien Cement Factory invested by Ha Tien 1 Cement Company including putting the factory into operation without completing environmentally-friendly packages and the lack of online monitoring system that connects with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

In 2017, the inspection teams detected violations of environmental protection regulations at dozens of facilities. However, the chairman of Rach Gia City People's Committee didn't issue any administrative fines. According to the inspectors, this violated Resolution 155 issued in 2016.

Kien Giang People's Committee was also said to be ignorant of the solid waste treatment problems. 12 out of 13 dumping sites do not have proper treatment but the provincial authorities didn't call for investment or show any attempts to deal with the issue.

In Phu Quoc, up to 2,550 tonnes of waste needed to be treated a day but there's only a waste treatment plant with a capacity of 200 tonnes a day.

The wastewater treatment is also a neglected problem in Kien Giang. When inspected, Kien Giang still didn't have waste collecting and wastewater treatment systems at crowded residential areas. The household wastewater in Duong Dong Town was discharged directly into the river. In April 2018, Kien Giang authorities approved of the Duong Dong River downstream general management plan with a view to 2025.

According to the inspectors, it was a violation of Circular 35 issued in 2015 when the wastewater treatment plant at Thanh Loc Industrial Park wasn't been completed but three factories were put into operation. They are Saigon Beer Company, Kien Giang VRG MDF Wood Company and Kien Giang Footwear Export Company which all pose high environmental pollution risks.

In addition, Kien Giang Department of Taxation reported that a total of VND225bn of environmental fees were collected during the inspection period. However, inspection at Siam City Cement Vietnam showed that the company had wrongly reported the amount of limestone to pay smaller environmental fees from 2011 to 2017. After re-calculation, Siam City Cement Vietnam was asked to pay over VND1.6bn.

The chairman of Kien Giang People's Committee during 2011-2017 period was held responsible along with the heads of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Kien Giang economic parks, Kien Giang Department of Taxation, and Rach Gia City People's Committee which were also responsible for the violations.

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