Ha Long tour boat owners halt business due to Covid-19
  • | vov, | August 13, 2020 02:17 PM
More than 100 tourist boat owners in Ha Long City have filed to suspend operations to apply for a tax discount in August due to Covid-19.


Ha Long tour boat owners halt business due to Covid-19.

Before the second wave, Quang Ninh Province welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors a day. Ha Long Bay received 30,000 visitors each day. However, now over 500 tour boats only serve 200 visitors.

Over 100 boat owners under Tuan Chau Boat Group and Sun Group Port Group have suspended business from August 1 to 29 to apply for tax relief. According to the boat owners, they still have to pay taxes, wages, insurances and other fees for VND5m to VND10m a month even there are no customers.

On April 14, the Cruise Boat Branch of Ha Long asked the Taxation Department in Ha Long to provide support to boat owners amid the pandemic with adjusted tax rates.

Nguyen Van Phuong, vice head of Cruise Boat Branch of Ha Long, said, "On April 27, the Taxation Department said there was no clear lump sum for them to calculate the taxes on. However, when the tourism activities were resumed on May 1, many owners complained that the tax rates remained the same as last year and they couldn't pay the tax when they didn't have customers."

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