PM pledges more funding for drought measures in Ninh Thuan
  • | VNA, dtinews.vn | April 14, 2015 11:21 AM
Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung agreed with additional funding for the central province of Ninh Thuan to counter the local drought effects while working with local authorities on April 13. 


Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung visits locals in Dong Day village, Phuoc Trung commune, Bac Ai district in Ninh Thuan. Photo: VNA

Since the 2014 summer-autumn crop, most local areas have dried due to El Nino impacts with nearly 4,000 households in six districts facing water shortages. Farmers have halted the sowing of 6,100 hectares of the winter-spring crop—or 30.27 percent of the total area—while around 300 domestic animals have died, posing a risk of epidemics and hunger in poor and ethnic minority areas. 

Given such conditions, the government donated 300 tonnes of rice and VND40 billion (USD1.9 million) to buy water, food and new crops for affected families. 

The drought is predicted to last through mid-September. 

Expressing concern over lingering drought in the central and Central Highlands provinces, the PM asked Ninh Thuan to continue assisting locals, including food and water, to minimise losses. 

He also cautioned against forest fire risks and requested local coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in post-drought production recovery. 

Provincial authorities asked for Government support in accelerating the construction of the Tan My water reservoir and launching similar models this year. 

Presenting difficulties in the locality, representatives from ministries and agencies also called for financial assistance in upgrading and building counter drought facilities in Ninh Thuan. 

The PM generally consented to socio-economic development proposals during the session. 

He said Ninh Thuan boasts a large area with high levels of wind and sun, favourable conditions for animal livestock, fruit cultivation and industrial trees with high economic value. 

Earlier, he made a field trip to a mobile water supply site in Dong Day village, Phuc Trung commune, Bac Ai district, one of the hardest hit during the dry season.

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