Sam Son authorities vow to tackle beach sewage
  • By Duy Tuyen | dtinews.vn | May 06, 2017 08:43 AM
 >>  Sewage pollutes Sam Son Beach
Sam Son Town authorities in Thanh Hoa Province have announced a plan to deal with the direct sewage discharge into local beaches within this month.

The sewage outlets from residential areas have seriously polluted Sam Son’s beaches for a long time, leading to complaints by many tourists.

In 2016, Thanh Hoa carried out a project to upgrade Ho Xuan Huong Street, including the construction of a waste treatment system. However, there were still five drains located along Ho Xuan Huong Street that directly discharge waste into the sea.


An sewage outlet running to Sam Son Beach

Following the public concern about the beach pollution, Sam Son Town took some measures to solve the problem, such as pumping water into reservoirs so that it cannot flow into the sea and levelling the drains. But, the increasing number of hotels and restaurants has led to a great pressure for the locality’s waste treatment.

Drains from the residential areas along Ho Xuan Huong Street have leaked again, causing the waste water to spill into the sea.

Pham Van Tuan, vice chairman of Sam Son Town People’s Committee, claimed local authorities would tackle the sewage discharge into the sea within this month. The entire sewage will be pumped into concentrated waste treatment stations for treatment.

He added that the province had approved a VND190-billion (USD8.6 million) plan to help build more sewage treatment stations for the town.

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