Readers help little girl with ill parents to overcome difficulties
  • | | January 26, 2017 04:58 PM
 >>  Little girl with ill parents faces uncertain future

DTiNews' readers donated over VND13m to a four-year-old girl in Quang Tri Province whose parents are seriously ill.

On January 25, Le Thi Le Huyen, vice head of the Women's Union in Dakrong District and the authorities of Mo O Commune visited and transferred VND13,078,000 (USD579) to the family of Ho Van Long and Ho Thi Diep, Ho Thi Vy's parents, from the Van Kieu ethnic minority group.


Diep returned to hospital after being released for one day

Long was diagnosed with liver cancer while Diep was diagnosed with kidney failure. They borrowed money to go to hospital and when the money ran out, they returned to the small house and struggled with their illnesses. However, over two months ago, Long felt a sharp pain and had to go to hospital again.

Vy is being taken care of by her grandmother, Ho Thi Trinh, as both of her parents are being treated at Quang Tri Province General Hospital. Dr Do Tran Ngoc said they detected liver tumour, hepatitis and hepatic cell cancer. Long might not be able to live much more than three months.

The provincial Youth Union had successfully raised VND10m (USD442) for the family after calling for help from the community. After their story was published, many people have called and donated to help.


Diep's family receives the donation

According to Diep, Vy asked her grandmother to bring her to see her parents multiple times but couldn't because the hospital was too far away. Vy was happy that both parents are home for Tet. Diep wished that both of them would be fine again so that Vy wouldn't become orphaned.

Diep said, "We were released to celebrate Tet Holiday with our family but I had to return to hospital the next day for dialysis and it hurts too much. Thanks for everyone that we can buy medicines and new clothes for Vy. I'm really grateful."

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