Residents of Dong Van Plateau face serious water shortage
  • | dtinews.vn | March 12, 2014 02:35 PM

Many people living on Dong Van Karst Plateau, in Ha Giang Province, have been facing a serious water shortage this dry season, although nearly 100 reservoirs have built under the government’s approval.


In the dry season, girls in Thai Phin Tung Commune travel 3km twice a day to collect 20 litres of water 

The construction of reservoirs built on Dong Van Karst Plateau, recoganised by UNESCO as a global geopark in 2010, has helped to improve the water supply for local households.

However, the water shortage continues to cripple the communities there, forcing residents to cross rough and dangerous mountains, travelling several kilometres from their homes, to take water. Water for them is located in a few narrow holes among stones, but people are only able to collect a few cans a day.

Motorbikes used to carry water


  A couple in Lung Tao Commune collects water twice daily




Water inside a deep and narrow hole located among stones


 Some water holes are still used for washing

Son collects water for his mother to wash clothes


Nylon is used to keep water in fields


Many reservoirs have nearly run dry 


A water puddle created by auto wheels useful for local people in Dong Van Plateau

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